Diary of High Quality Life

“The Diary of High Quality Life” is a basis for creation of a guidance for life quality. It is designed to become a tool for your life quality management.

By keeping the diary you will learn to manage your life, improve it, achieve goals, prevent the occurrence of unwanted events and minimize their impact. In other words, you will learn to make your dreams and wishes come true.You will not be sorry for the wasted life. You will start enjoying your life, and your loved ones will be happy with you.

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Diary of High Quality Life
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Life managment

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Successful at everything?

Before planning, define your purpose, who you want to become and when, and your priorities. Understand who you want to be in the future. It is an uneasy task, but understanding the components of your high quality life, makes the search for answers easier.


Diary of High Quality Life perfect gift for you, your friends and family!


How satisfied am I with my personal and professional life? How have I lived, what have I done to be in love, to be successful, to be healthier and happier? How satisfied are my family, my colleagues and the society with the results of my life? Is it important for me? If not, why? What does humanity know about me?

Depending on the answers on these questions one may be happy for himself, feel proud or feel aggrieved. Generally speaking everyone wants to be satisfied and feel happy. We need to act to change ourselves and the world for the better, fill in the life with love, happiness and joy. Anyway, all we do is changing ourselves and the world around us whether we want it or not. The only unchangeable thing in life is changeability. So, we’d better learn to manage the changes in our life.

I. A. Chukmarov, A. I. Chukmarova

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