A breath of cold wind. This is an unusual state when you see everything, from all angles, hear …

A breath of cold wind. This is an unusual state when you see everything, from all angles, hear …

Third Sunday of November declared by the United Nations as World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

A breath of cold wind. This is an unusual state when you see everything from all angles, hear, feel, smell, every detail individually and in one whole.

The end of November 2005. Early morning. The Volga car drove up to a nine-story building. Sleepy Man walked up to the car, pulled the door handle of the front passenger seat. A sudden gust of cold wind swept over him like a cold invigorating shower, he took a deep breath and opened the door. A new face met him at the wheel of a car, the former driver quit.

“Good. Just don’t rush, we’ll drive carefully, ”the Man said to the driver.

They went to two more addresses to pick up colleagues.

“Forward, to the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan, they say it will be sunny there today,” Man ordered with a peppy voice. Having discussed the plans for the trip, everyone was lost in thought … Suddenly two large headlights flashed ahead …

The driver lost control, the car skidded in a gentle bend, and the ice threw the car at high speed under a huge truck rushing along the oncoming lane. Winter tires at that time was in the trunk, only the driver knew about it. The front-seat passenger saw the inevitability of a collision, the question “What to do?” Arose in his head, and the answer “Evade” appeared in his head. The man fell into the cabin, between the legs was a bag with a laptop, the belt was not fastened. He drove his son to Aikido, and suddenly imagined how he missed the truck by himself, so his boy was taught to fight his rival. He saw the headlights, as glass crumbles and crumpled metal, but for some reason he did not hear anything. Everything happened in a matter of moments, but for him everything looked like in a slow motion movie. The light went out, the movie was over, it was plunged into darkness. On the road stood a Freightliner with a trailer, in front of the tractor stuck in a blotted Volga 3110 blotter, which the tractor dragged a few meters in front of him. The front seat passenger woke up from terrible pain, they tried to pull him out, and again lost consciousness.

He came to his senses already in the hospital, someone gave the phone, he called his wife and said: “Everything is fine. I just didn’t get there. ” He asked the Doctor: “How are the others?” The doctor replied: “Better than yours.” This was only part of the truth, the driver and passenger survived, were in a stable condition. And again the darkness into which he was dragged, as if into a funnel … However, there was another one – his friend and colleague, who was sitting behind him, took all the blow on himself and died on the spot. He did not know about this yet.

Waking up for the second time, Man called for help. He vomited, blew with blood, but suddenly a painfully familiar native face reassured him with one glance. Kind, sweet and persistent wife, she is next again. Insert the needle and stretch the right leg. Dark.

The shore of a cold mountain river, around the jungle, fresh air, bright smells – a feeling of absolute reality, everything is clear, everything is in detail, you can see from all angles, the details are combined into a single picture. This is an unusual state when everything is visible, from all angles, you hear, feel, smell, every detail individually and in one whole. You are in a specific place and at the same time everywhere. You are no longer a separate unit, you are a part, you are inside this harmony. Around him stood elephants, monkeys, antelopes, birds flew, and everyone looked at him…

He’s back in the room. “Darling, I seem to have been to India. Listen, but I’m in the ward. Everything was much more realistic there than here. But I clearly know that I and my body are here in the ward. ”

The man again failed and returned to the jungle. Two very bamboo cages floated along a very clean mountain river, in which two tigers floundered, animals on the shore looked at him. Then he said: “Grab the cages, pull these tigers ashore.” Elephants immediately completed this assignment. The cages were broken, wet tigers trembled on the banks of the cold river, just like all the animals, they looked at him. “What are you worth? Run upstairs to the light. ” The animals ran amicably up the hill, at that moment he again returned to the ward.

Just managed to tell his wife how he again went into some unusual space. This time the fate of thousands of people ran before him. Everything is clear, detailed, parallel and sequential, one life after another. A series of short films collected in the almanac “Life”. The brain could no longer endure such a stream and volume of information. The man periodically returned to the ward and told his wife about films from the reality that he had become a traveler in. He saw both strangers and his loved ones. This continued until the morning, until the doctor arrived, all this time taking him out of a state of shock, it turns out, several days have already passed.

“Please report damage and forecasts. When will I go to work? I want to live and work. ” The doctor smiled and said: “Not soon, serious injuries, not earlier than a year. The first task is to survive, and then you will learn to walk and live. You’ve been very lucky already, you could have stayed there, you might not have finished it! ” Yes, he was really lucky – the hospital was nearby. It took him exactly a year, as the doctor had predicted, to get to his feet. Family and friends, colleagues and partners were nearby and helped him in this struggle.

10 years after he was pulled out of nonexistence by external defibrillation of the heart, he understood the purpose of showing people’s lives in the ward. In that film, he saw his loved ones whose lives were formed exactly like in that Universe. He also saw the actions and their consequences of complete strangers.

So the idea of ​​the project “Quality Man – hq-diary.com” arose. A diary of a quality life, created by Man, as an instrument of personal effectiveness and, most importantly, as an instrument of preventive action. The project created by Man for people is a fishing rod, not a fish. This is a tool for creating a successful trajectory of personal and professional life, which allows you to prevent and minimize the occurrence of unwanted life events. The project forms a creative orientation in relation to oneself and the surrounding world and true universal human values. At least, I thought so, because even in the same film the Man was shown what happens to people in the future for their present activities. For example, if every driver, passenger, builder and everyone related to traffic would follow traffic rules, building codes, job descriptions, have a conscience and responsibility, think and remember the future, how many lives we could save. In Russia alone, tens of thousands of citizens die every year on the roads and hundreds of thousands become people with disabilities, and millions in the world.

Third Sunday of November declared by the United Nations as World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. There are only two categories of people: with whom something has already happened and can happen, and those with whom it has not yet happened, but it can happen. Take care of yourself and each other. “Quality starts with ourselves!” So ​​that nothing happens to us! Peace, goodness, prosperity and prosperity!

Ildus Adgamovich Chukmarov