Dear readers,
I am glad to greet you!

In the course of communication and feedback received I discovered that some of us consider satisfaction and happiness to be a myth. Amusing! Others put an equal mark between pleasure and satisfaction. Is it true? Is it possible to be chronically satisfied and happy being in good health? Do we need it? Or is it better to enjoy life then and there?

Here is what we write about it in the Diary of High Quality Life and on the pages of our website. Is life quality a level of satisfaction with oneself and one’s deeds? Is life quality a correspondence between our requirements to us and that of others?

Achievement of smart goals brings happiness and satisfaction with creative good deeds. What we are writing about is that having achieved certain goals, we set ourselves new goals to feel satisfied and strive for greater achievements. To be satisfied and happy is not a goal as such, but a result of creative just life and achievement of smart life goals. And this process is cyclic. There is no need to overestimate and force yourself into the corner with unrealistic requirement and overstated expectations. Set smart goals!

Pleasure differs from satisfaction. Satisfaction is a result that may bring joy. Pleasure is a path that may lead you both to satisfaction and unwanted events, if you think about pleasure only and forget about consequences. Is it possible to be full all your life after one meal? Is it possible to achieve the limits of self-improvement? Many questions…

The Diary of High Quality Life suggests that you assess the level of satisfaction with all spheres of your life and do it on daily basis. It is absolutely clear that you will not be satisfied every day, and there is nothing wrong with that. The purpose is to strive for the better despite difficulties and obstacles on the way as life quality does not depend on us only; it also depends on the surrounding environment.

What is not measured is not controlled; therefore assessment of satisfaction is a way to manage the changes in your life.

The Diary transformed into the guidance for life quality, suggests that you ask questions to yourself and the people around you, search answers and solutions, act and create dignified life!


I wish you good health, happiness and prosperity.
Ildus Adgamovich Chukmarov