Charming Elmira Pervakova about the “HQ-Diary”

Charming Elmira Pervakova about the “HQ-Diary”

Charming Elmira Pervakova – a talented makeup artist, make-up teacher, founder of the eponymous school-beauty studio, a business woman who opened her own business at the age of 18, successfully uses the tool of personal effectiveness.

Elmira Pervakova:
“Hello ! Often you ask me a question: Elmira, how do you manage everything? Where are these pills sold, after which you become more effective? My creative and flying head is controlled by gliders: diaries, calendars, reminders. And one of the best helpers for me is my “HQ-Diary”.

This is a real tool for personal effectiveness. I taught myself not only to plan my time, but also to evaluate myself, in order to understand how useful I was to the world today.

For me, the history of the creation of this Diary played a big role. Its author is not a 15-year-old blogger, but a man who suffered a clinical death, gathered himself piece by piece, rose to his feet, and today he is a successful manager and leader of a developing organization, a loving father of three children and a keen husband. Therefore, for me, this diary is of great value.

I also advise you to make your life better, in what this diary will help you. ”