Kaizen or useful and vicious habits, the rule of 100%, the principle of one minute, twenty minutes, an hour…

Kaizen or useful and vicious habits, the rule of 100%, the principle of one minute, twenty minutes, an hour…

Every now and then each of us sets a goal to become someone, reach, achieve and do something. We start eagerly wishing everything right now and start a new life on Monday for the hundredth time and then rapidly slack off. Again, our dreams do not come true and we do not reach what we strive for. So we live following the endless circle instead of gyrating up towards new achievements as some of us.

How can one break this vicious circle and turn it into a spiral of self-improvement and achievements? If you have noticed the Diary suggests various technologies used in corporate management such as project management, marketing quality management, SMART goal management, and Pareto’s law.  There is a solution for this task as well. The Diary of High Quality Life says (page 41): “Plan what you can do today. Having completed your task, find the time to have rest”. Making little progress every day, you are going towards your dream.

The Diary follows Kaizen philosophy, successfully applied in all parts of life quality. Kaizen (Jap. 改  – change, 善 – improvement) is a Japanese philosophy and practice of gradual and continuous improvements both in personal and professional life of a person and in business productivity. In fact, it is a tool for a person who demonstrates the features of Homo Qualitativus, helps to form useful habits and eliminate vicious ones and allows moving step by step towards improvement of the quality of his own life and that of his loved ones.

Defining realistic objectives and tasks every day in accordance with your smart life goals, the idea of your future and your mission are worthwhile. This is an appropriate alternative to inefficient “want all and now” leading back to “I start it all over again on Monday” the hundredth time.  The step size of improvements is defined by the principle of one minute, 20 minutes or an hour or the rule of 100%. It is up to you to choose, the important thing is that your plans for the day are realizable. It means that you acquire the responsibility for 100% implementation of your daily plan or dedicate a minute, 20 minutes or an hour to something useful and productive and reduce vicious habits. Acquiring useful habits you get rid of your vicious ones.

For instance, doing 5 minute morning exercises every morning at the same time is a realizable task and is good for your health. Or dedicate 20 minutes every evening to reading or writing, learn 2 foreign words per day and find time for a call to your parents. Shaking off the bad habit of wasting time in social media, playing computer games and watching TV will save you time for good habits such as walks and real-life communication. Reduction of the number of smoked cigarettes aiming at zero is good both for your health and that of the people surrounding you. All these are your step by step improvements every day, i.e. Kaizen philosophy. Achievements in the field of sports and arts are the fruits of daily hard work, gradual increase of weight, time and distance, the number of repetitions and tries or raising the bar. This is the only way the world records are established. Great success in all spheres, influencing the life quality is reached by small successes, daily victories over laziness and leap of trust.

Repetitive actions and useful habits should be included in the day and week schedule on the pages of your diary. Certain things should be done daily, others monthly. Define your day and week schedules. These are your steps to improvements. The problem is that homo sapiens knows and understands everything, but does not do even little steps for self-improvement and development and does not shake off bad habits till it begins to thunder.

So, my dear friends, are we starting a new life on Monday and carry on or what?

Kind regards,

Ildus Adgamovich Chukmarov