Obsession will not help you in the search for your goal, and will end up spoiling the pleasure of the climb

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Obsession will not help you in the search for your goal, and will end up spoiling the pleasure of the climb

“Obsession will not help you in the search for your goal, and will end up spoiling the pleasure of the climb” 

Paulo Coelho

Diary of high quality life is a tool of personal effectiveness, a means to achieve your goals on the shortest path and with the least loss. A powerful tool for determining the life path, purpose planning and achieving the desired future. A tool for setting smart life goals based on an analysis of one’s own strengths and weaknesses, external opportunities and threats, and creating a prosperous present from the experience of the past. However, the Doctrine of Homo Qualitativus, the foundation of a diary is a little more than increasing personal effectiveness to achieve grandiose goals. Sometimes the setting and the process of achieving incorrectly formed, unbearable goals for a particular person under conditions unsuitable for their achievement lead to burnout of the person and even loss of health and life. These are your goals and you must adjust them, matching internal changes with external ones. In the Diary of high quality life it is recommended to keep a balance between “I want”, “I can” and “I need”, between work and rest. Try to be in harmony with oneself and the world around us, and stay in love, constantly learning to live and act in rapidly changing conditions. In the modern world it is very difficult to be in this state, however it is possible at certain times. So, creating such moments, we can relieve tension, stress and depression, replenish vital energy, relax and gain strength and move on, become better and improve the quality of our lives. How to create such moments? Perhaps this is the time of vacation, weekends and holidays? Many of us work these days, work on weekends and holidays, and even in the hospital, as soon as we were pulled out of intensive care. Sometimes we are obsessed and until we do the task set for ourselves or set for us, we do not sleep, eat, or go out into the air or enter the house. After all we clearly know that only in this way we will achieve our ambitious goals or solve the tasks set for us, fulfill orders, orders, orders, etc. Everything that was created by mankind created by labor including involuntary. Involuntary, both external and internal, when a person is forced to work or when the person himself forces himself, he works as if possessed by any thought or desire, completely subordinating himself or obeying. Choose a profession, conditions and place of work to your liking, try to do what you like, and have a favorite thing for your leisure. How, then, can the Diary of a quality life help us? Only when you turn the Diary of high quality life into a guide to the quality of your life and follow what you plan on its pages for those very moments. The moments when you will be in harmony with yourself and the world around you. Such moments must be planned for several years, for a year, a quarter, a month and for every day, rigidly and flexibly integrate these moments into the routine of your day and week, month, year. For each day of the week it is good to have daily routine, record recurring events and insert a rest moment in their number, indicating when it is possible during the day. These are the moments when the whole world will wait! For example, I recently found out that some people leave the office during lunch, get into the car and having comfortably settled themselves can take a nap. And some of us do not even have lunch because there is no time or make appointments during lunch; well, if combined with lunch. At the expense of the weekend, even relaxing two days a week is a great blessing to restore strength. Relaxing doesn’t mean lying at the TV with a smartphone. Resting is not laziness, as many of us think. After all, you can do household chores, creativity, arrange a cultural program for yourself and your loved ones, stay in nature. Start by planning small walks; find the time for this in your daily routine. Try to plan and coordinate with your management at least once a month for two days off. Also with your vacation, plan the time, place, resources, when and how you spend it with your loved ones, with children, with parents or in search of discoveries with friends.

It is not necessary that this be a trip at sea, perhaps it was important for the family, for people in principle. When you cannot spend your whole vacation, plan small parts throughout the year. Of course, you don’t need to feel guilty at such moments when you can afford and plan the moments of even “doing nothing”. “Workaholics” do not understand us, they are obsessed with their work, for them it is above all: love, family, health. I recommend reviewing the movie “Devil’s Advocate”, a mystical drama by Andrew Nayderman (1997). This can lead to undesirable events in your life and in your relationships. For example, a day, for example, there may be consequences related to your health. The consequences of your obsession with work and not work can be irreversible. After the red line, it is very difficult to return to your previous life, sometimes it is already impossible. Here the notes sounded pessimistic, depressive and panic, did you think? It allows you to adequately perceive reality, because it is associated with common sense. To learn as much and as long as possible in harmony with oneself and the world around us, and to be in love every day, every week, every month, every quarter, every year and all life. Remember that vacation planning is not the goal itself. Listen to your body more often, remember about the red line and volumes that obsession will not help achieve your goals. To enjoy the pleasure, you must get all the necessary conditions. Work and rest, love and build in joy to your loved ones, yourself and people. Live long and high quality!

Sincerely, Chukmarov Ildus Adgamovich