On the way from “I” to “We”

On the way from “I” to “We”

This article is addressed to young ladies who start to ask the questions: “Why am I single? Where is my second half and when will I finally create a family?” In other words, this article is for those, who understand that the favorable time to create a family is approaching and are mentally ready for it. Consequently, you have already had experience regarding opposite sex by this time, and if you continue reading, then your experience has not yet moved to the stage “they lived happily ever after”.

Now let’s work out a plan of action for your happy future.

Firstly, one should answer the question: “Who am I?”

Who am I? What am I like? My character, hobbies, goals. Does my work bring me satisfaction? What is my desirable income? Are there any perspectives for me? What do I like and dislike eating, reading and watching? What places do I like to visit? My body, my health and my habits.

It is time to analyze yourself. It is time to hear and listen to yourself, discover your inner world, take care and love. It is time to think positively and irradiate goodness. Of course, we all have bad days sometimes. In such cases, I suggest you stem protective barriers and, if possible, keep your chin up, live through this moment and move on.

Therefore, self-acceptance, love and care for yourself does not mean being selfish at all.

Secondly, you should form the basis of your preferences and analyze your experience.

One should answer the following questions: “What psychological type is the right one for me? What kind of character?” It is quite difficult as we reveal ourselves with various people in different ways.  Certain people attract us by their strength of mind, determination; others are attractive for their calmness, care, stability, equability of mind and sense of humor.

It is important to determine the qualities and other aspects that are “must have” or desirable and those ones you could close your eyes on, as nobody is perfect. One can do it by reading books on psychology and analyzing your personal experience.  Gather deeds, events, moments and emotions into an integral image of a person by finding the golden mean.

The first and the second steps constitute preparatory work and are mostly theoretical.  The third step is practice and actions. It is a lot easier to move on and define whether it is your cup of tea or not when you see your goal, i.e. you know what you want.

Thirdly, now, when you know what you want and what you can give in return, just work on it, strange though it might sound). Work on yourself. Do what inspires you and brings you joy. Discover the world and the world will discover you.  New hobbies and places give new opportunities, meetings and acquaintances.  Be open to communication and attentive to what is going on around you (the people who surround you and their attitude to you), listen to your inner sense, intuition and your mind.

Be a happy and harmonious person, and then your destiny will notice you sooner.

And love? What is love? Does love at first sight exist? Possibly, someone might be lucky enough and thus come to the goal of creating a family.

In my opinion, it grows gradually starting with sincere friendship and interest, then you become a couple, fall in love with each other and date with the purpose to create a family in the future… Wedding and a wedding dress…

Needless to say, every young lady has her own way to happiness and love, and these are just the first steps.