Read only 30 pages of the HQ –Diary – Handbook and improve yourself.

Read only 30 pages of the HQ –Diary – Handbook and improve yourself.

Recently I have had a meeting with a top manager of one of the US companies, a world leader in oil and gas industry. In the course of the meeting we talked about The Diary of High Quality Life he got acquainted with. I would like to share his opinion regarding two questions with you.

Firstly, may it be that those of you who have everything do not need such diary?

Secondly, is this diary difficult for understanding for those who lack a lot and have reached little so far?

Regarding the first question, I would like to say that we all have children, and we would like them to achieve more than us both in material wealth and spiritual order. Many examples show that we all have skeletons in the closet, gaps and issues. Highly organized people keep it all in their minds and it may well be that they do not need diaries at all, or their schedule is planned by the army of assistants. However, it is obvious that keeping a diary helps to become more efficient. Writing down thoughts is a mechanical memory that helps to think and plan better. This method is irreplaceable.

Secondly, I am certain that people are intelligent enough to understand the idea of this diary. As practice shows, people do not read even 30 pages of the diary that contain a detailed description of its application for the benefit of its readers and their loved ones. The so called mosaic thinking does not let people read beyond the first page. The diary is not a panacea and does not work miracles itself either. As I have written before the difficulty does not consist in keeping a diary, yet it is in the approach to life and the ability to make decisions: who I am and where I am going to. The real difficulty lies in asking oneself questions and finding answers, adequate perception and assessment of oneself and the surrounding environment. The Diary of High Quality Life is not just a diary. It is a tool for creation of one’s own life. It makes you ask yourself awkward questions, plan, act, assess results and set new smart goals. Keeping the Diary implies work on oneself, search for solutions and answers to the frankest questions. Start today and tomorrow you will achieve more.

The Diary is not a perfect and completed project, it requires development and improvements. Perhaps the best diary is the diary with blank pages. If you arm yourself with the knowledge and the recommendations presented on our website, you will be able to create your own diary of high quality life. Just read all 30 pages of HQ-Diary-Handbook.pdf, which will help you to manage the improvements and achieve desired results.

Dear friends, what are your ideas about The Diary of High Quality Life? What should it be like?  How can we make it really useful for you? Please, write and share your thoughts with us. I invite you to participate in creation of the new edition of the Diary of High Quality Life and the mobile application.

Yours faithfully,

Ildus Adgamovich Chukmarov