Spheres of life quality

Spheres of life quality

What are the components of life quality? There are an inner core and a surrounding outer sphere – the space (see the picture). It is similar to the structure of an atom. On the one hand, everything seems very simple, but on the other, it is mysterious like space, the bowels of the Earth and the world of atoms.

The first five your life quality components consist in conditions and characteristics of your inner core. These components are the abode of your soul – your body and your mind (intellect), your heart (emotions), your will and your spirit. Soul unites all these elements of the cores of quality and keeps life in the body.

The presence of soul is an axiom. However, nobody knows what exactly it is, though we all feel its presence. Nobody knows what happens to it after death, whether it continues to live or shreds away like smoke, but many believe in its indestructibility. It is good if faith helps them to improve themselves and change the world for the better. Thus, the light of the missing stars continues its path in the universe billions of years, despite the fact that there is nothing faster than light. Vestigial radiation we observe today is information about long past birth of our galaxy. The truth is we still do not know many things about the universe. For example, we are made of atoms, that constitute us a particular period of time, and it is also a miracle and mystery. And then after death these atoms do not disappear, unlike us as creatures constituted by these atoms. Perhaps, it is similar to reincarnation of the soul, because these atoms, that were once ours, can be whatever and anywhere. Just as during combustion of coal containing carbon, the carbon atoms do not disappear, they are connected to two oxygen atoms: C+2O=CO2. One way or another our body and soul go back to the turnover of the nature that, we may say, constituted us and continue existing. Perhaps the belief in immortality of soul helps someone to live, and there is nothing wrong with that. Faith and hope are necessary for all of us, just as love. One needs to believe in science, God or oneself sincerely and purely. However, as a rule Homo sapiens remembers about faith only in desperate situations, and different structures take advantage of desperation and try to manipulate his mind, not always with good intentions. We must understand that the processes going on today in relation to the main religions, have nothing to do with true faith, and contemporary politics has nothing to do with what it promises and proclaims. There is no tolerance where everyone has its own one and is detached from human values. But the time quality culture comes uniting everyone and preserving all our differences. It may well be the quality culture that will become the basis for universal human values and true tolerance saving us from double standards.


The following ten constituting spaces surround the core of the life quality. The first space is a transitional one that covers the inner core of the life quality and connects it to outer spheres of life quality. This is an area of social responsibility and partnership. First of all, it concerns the responsibility towards oneself and the society.


  1. The first space is an intimate space of the inner self, i.e. “Who I am”, the core of a person, his inner super-I. This is a space of love and respect for oneself, including the ability to love and to be loved. A human being must keep this space to himself only; its destruction is disastrous for a person and his individuality. Sex grows out of this space, turning from love for oneself into love between sexes in the second space. Staying in love is work, especially on oneself since maximum merge of two inner cores of two persons who used to be independent requires an effort to save two free individuals, two autonomous quality cores, as there is no love without freedom. Physically this space is not only inside us, but also at arms length.


  1. The second space is the space of love between sexes, family, relatives, close people, guardians or those people who are your family. It involves housing, HOME as a place and people you live with side by side both literally and figuratively. Every living being has its habitat, a place to sleep and to rear posterity. For example, yurt of the nomadic people is a very convenient option of mobile homes, their native open spaces and nomads tents are their HOME. Unfortunately, there are people who do not manage to find or acquire HOME during their lives. They are deprived of this space absolutely necessary for productive life and development. It is a space of love for the closest people and includes mutual respect, care and understanding. This space is for love between spouses, parents and children, maternal and fraternal love. This is one of the spaces of self-realization and the main factor for life quality.


  1. The third space includes ethnos, traditions, customs, national identity and race. This space implies love for your nation, adherence to traditions, customs and your ancestors. It is the basis for individual differences at the ethnic level. Ethnicity unites people of common origin, customs, language, lifestyle and way of life (religion, art, aesthetics, ethnics, cuisine, housing, farming, ceremonies such as wedding ceremony, funerals etc). The unity is based upon the unity of native and geographical origin of ethnic groups.


  1. The forth space consists in neighborhood in the area you currently live or stay. This is the space around our homes, an area that defines the comfort of our living and mobility. It is a space of peace, tolerance and love for others, help and participation, an important component of collective security. Love for neighbors, not the close people, mutual help and support are the basis for peaceful coexistence of diverse individuals.


  1. The fifth space is the space of our friends, hobbies, entertainment and leisure. This is the space of love to do or create something beyond main work with those who share your interests and hobbies. This space brings people together into groups and communities by interests or gives a chance to escape from everyday affairs and concerns. Here are love for nature, creativity, art and sport.


  1. The sixths space is a space of professional, labor and financial relations, i.e. your work and activity as a source of self-realization and financial well being, relationship with colleagues, your managers and subordinates and partners. If your profession coincides with your interests, then you are lucky because you earn your living by doing something you enjoy. If not, then you will have to love what you do. It consists in your love for your profession, your professional pride and career.


  1. The sevenths space includes society, virtual and social network. This involves love for strangers and good attitude to them in real and virtual social spheres. It does not depend on the place of living or mobility.


  1. The eights space is about politics, economy, law, religion, ethics of the state you were born and/or live or the state you visit as a tourist or on business purposes. It is important to respect the laws and rules of any state; otherwise you will not fit the external requirements, which can have a negative impact on your life. This space involves love for your country or the country that has become your homeland, respect for the differences of our countries and understanding the possibilities of peaceful coexistence for all of us in the same country and in the world. The independence of your state and its interests must be protected from both internal and external infringement. Everyone should know the history of his homeland. The sovereignty of your country is the main factor of the quality of your life in this state. Remember, what fascism, genocide, interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states, imposition of pseudo-democracy lead to. Theft, murder and violence are illegal in any state of law. It is important to remember it when being an expatriate or travelling to another country. Besides, every citizen should participate in expression of the will of the people and should not remain uninvolved. It is unacceptable that others decide the destiny of your nation for you, or later you will have to defend your right to life with lethal force.


  1. The ninth space consists in civilization you belong to and mankind in general. This is the space of true human values: humanness, love for the world you live in, acceptance of its diverse forms of existence and manifestation, except the ones that are contrary to human values, unfair, indignant and draw a protest. Thus human values have nothing to do with so called “democracy” and “tolerance”, which have completely discredited themselves due to the policy of certain countries. These countries the creators of democracy have long nothing similar to this very democracy and tolerance. Love to evil, tolerance to what must not be tolerated is what we should not let happen. Evil and violence can be stopped only by counterforce. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Thus the forces always go in pairs, i.e. interact. This is the Newton’s third law. Love is a factor that not only prevents the emergence of evil and violence, it is an instrument of the good in the struggle against the evil, because the good and the evil, the black and white, poison and antidote take place in our lives and still can not defeat each other, perhaps, due to the Newton’s law, also because there is a tenth space.


  1. The tenth space is the space of the unknown, the environment of our physical and spiritual living, climate, the Earth and the Universe. It is a material, spiritual and informational space that encurtain our life. For some this space consists in the unknown laws of nature or undiscovered intentions of God, for others it is something they believe in. For some, it is love for God or his love for us. For others, it is love for nature, its laws and curiosity. It is a space of devotion to this or that idea without fanaticism. Fanaticism is a disease that has nothing to do with love. Love in itself is a mystery for us in all its manifestations; love not for, but in spite of something. This is the space we were born, we live and where we will return. It is wonderful when children appear and grow in love. Love is something we should all strive for. Staying in love in all the spaces leads to true satisfaction with life, determines the quality and the level of life and brings harmony with oneself and the surrounding world. However, it is almost impossible to feel satisfied, stay in love and be happy all the time. We can set different goals and achieving them, strive for profound and unchanging goal to be in love and be happy. This is a normal process of life. This is the space of your spiritual and ideologic development, enlightenment, beliefs and worldviews.

All the spaces are interconnected, they interact, form and influence us, and we create some of the spaces in a lifetime. Together they define the space of knowledge that impacts the quality of our lives. We must learn to filter this information space when searching useful information, distinguish facts, truth and lies.


Going through all the spaces that define the quality of our life, the expression “love and beauty will save the world” takes on a real meaning. There is a lot of dark matter not only in the universe but inside us as well, and only love, care and responsibility give rise to the good to resist the evil. The space of the unknown may manifest itself as hostile, very cruel to us all or each of us individually, not only in the form of natural disasters but also in the form of social disruptions, which can dramatically worsen the quality of life or, in extreme cases, terminate it. Therefore, we should value the time given to us to stay in love, do things in a big way, and see true life goals and values. We and the society cannot be ideal, but that’s a mercy to strive to be Homo qualitativus, the creator of life knowledge and life, live with dignity and die, leaving the Earth and its biological diversity for future generations.