About the author of “Diary of a quality life”

About the author of “Diary of a quality life”

Chukmarov Ildus Adgamovich – the creator of the doctrine of a Qualitative Man and the author of the “Diary of a Quality Life” was born in 1967 in the village of Bessonovo (Republic of Tatarstan). After graduating from the geological faculty of Kazan State University named V.I. Ulyanov-Leninin in 1991, of specialty “Geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits” Ildus Adgamovich worked at the Oktyabrsk Oil College named S.I. Kuvykina in posts from the teacher of geophysical disciplines to the acting director of the College. In 2010, he was invited to the Kazan Federal University as the head of the department for monitoring additional education, and subsequently was appointed to the position of Deputy Director for Marketing at the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies and Director of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing which successfully works in currently.

Ildus Adgamovich had an interest in “quality” long before the creation of the “Diary”. In 2005, he studied at the international Russian-German Academy of Quality and received international certificates TUV CERT QM quality manager and authorized representative of the QB quality administration. Under his leadership at the Oktyabrsk Oil College named S.I. Kuvykina For the first time in the region was developed, implemented and subsequently certified by the German certification body TUV CERT as a college quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001. The innovative developments of this quality management system were used by many educational and industrial organizations in direct consultation with Ildus Adgamovich. During this period of work, he was awarded industry diplomas and letters of appreciation from production enterprises and the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of the Russian Federation, as well as the badge “Honorary Worker of Secondary Professional Education of the Russian Federation”. In the period from 2010 to 2013, he was an assistant professor at the Fachdozent TÜV AKADEMIE international academy of quality (Germany).

Thoughts about a Quality Man and the idea of ​​creating a “Diary of a Quality Life” appeared at the author ten years before his release, when the most difficult moments of the fate of Ildus Adgamovich made him think about life and its purpose. A car accident, after which he went a long way in both physical and moral recovery, as well as serious heart rhythm disturbances, became the starting point on the way to creating an instrument of personal effectiveness. Ildus Adgamovich wanted to leave this tool to the children, to share his life guidelines and values ​​with them. He spoke about this in detail in the sketch.

Today, Ildus Adgamovich is the first deputy director of the Institute of Geology and Oil and Petroleum of Kazan Federal University, head of the Center for Advanced Training, Quality Management and Marketing, brings up two daughters and a son. The eldest daughter Aliya became a co-author of the “Diary of a Quality Life” and helped her father with its creation. A big role in the author’s life was played by his wife Dzhamilya Sagitovna, whom he met as a student, she was always there: in joy and sorrow, Ildus Adgamovich considers her his main critic, who carefully studies each of his articles and shares his thoughts.

“A diary of a quality life for a person is a fishing rod, not a fish. This is a tool for creating a successful trajectory of personal and professional life, which allows you to prevent and minimize the occurrence of unwanted life events. The project “A quality man” forms a creative orientation in relation to oneself and the surrounding world and true universal human values. ”

Ildus Adgamovich Chukmarov