We are open for All Partnership Opportunities

Cooperation with us means…

Joint scientific research and formation of the study on Homo qualitativus, i.e. quality culture, development and promotion of this study, carrying out seminars and individual coaching sessions. We invite you to participate in charitable activities that support orphan children and teenagers in difficult situations. We do not give them a “fish”, we give them a “fishing rod”, so that they can reach personal and professional success preventing the occurrence of unwanted situations.

We are waiting for your proposals…

In the sphere of scientific research and writing joint research articles. Also, contact us if you are interested in improvement and edition of “The Diary of High Quality Life” as well as promotion, investment in the development of our project, information support, media and carrying out thematic seminars, trainings, participation in exhibitions and fairs, development of mobile applications, advertising, design and work in social networks.

We would be glad to receive your ideas and questions. Please, email us your feedback at info@hq-diary.com

Project “The Diary of High Quality Life” realized in cooperation with the

  • ООО “АБВГД – решения”,
  • “ДОМ Книги” (Bookstores),
  • “Артифакт” (Publishing House)
  • Оскарова Н.Ф. (Translation),
  • Уханова Т.В. (Text Correction).

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or comments.

E-mail: feedback@hq-diary.com