All happy families are alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way

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All happy families are alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way

All happy families are alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. (L. N. Tolstoy)
What can you do to promote world peace? Just go to your home and love your family.
(Mother Teresa)

July 8th in Russia is the Day of family, love and fidelity. On this day, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the day of remembrance of Saints Peter and Fevronia, who are the patrons of the family and marriage.
The story of their love is described in the Old Russian “Tale of Peter and Fevronia of Murom”. She is an example of fidelity, care, sacrifice in the name of love and family. The prince fell in love with Fevronia for her piety, wisdom and kindness. The fourth sign of a Homo Qualitativus is that he adheres to family traditions and is an adherent of traditional relationships between the sexes. He understands, unlike Homo sapiens, that erasing the boundaries of traditional relationships leads to undesirable consequences. To live a simple and high-quality life, to love and be loved, to be a son or daughter, to be a father or mother, to be a brother or sister, grandfather or grandmother, grandson or granddaughter, a neighbor and colleague, a patriot of his homeland, a follower of the traditions of his people, is not so simple. All this requires effort and daily work on yourself and on your relationships with people.

Recently, there has been increasing talk about the fact that the institution of marriage has become obsolete, about the independence of women and men from each other. Distorted concepts of gender, love and family are imposed on us. And even some classical religions cannot resist this, and contrary to their canons they indulge these trends, and in some states it has come to the point that laws are being adopted that destroy the institution of the family, calling mom and dad “parent 1” and “parent 2”. That is already beginning to infringe on the rights not of minorities, but of the majority. By cultivating in society such a relationship between the sexes and in the family, the Intelligent Man destroys himself as a species. All this leads to both self-destruction of the individual and political upheavals that affect the well-being of entire countries. Only the manifestation of the attributes of a Homo Qualitativus can allow the evolution of the human species. All this is due to the incorrect interpretation of tolerance by Homo sapiens. Homo Qualitativus is truly tolerant and deeply moral – accepts and understands the individuality, diversity and unity of the world and rejects double standards in the world order and in relations. Preserving his individuality and belonging to a particular race, nationality, religion, state, political and economic convictions, gender and age, he is an adherent of true universal human values. Universal human values ​​are understood as the right to life, the right to choose and freedom of religion, individual freedom, commitment to world peace, justice, humanism, internationalism, respect for individuals and property, respect for women, parents and children, non-violence and aggression in all forms of their manifestation, patriotism and respect for nature. A person is a quality benefactor, retains the ability to mercy and compassion in difficult life situations. He understands that one cannot be tolerant and indifferent to what is contrary to universal values ​​and that there is a crime against humanity. This is stated by the fifth Sign of a Homo Qualitativus, there are ten such signs in all.

No wonder they say that the family is the foundation and foundation of everything. Happy and mentally healthy children grow up in a family with mom and dad, where family members take care of each other and teach their descendants to live correctly, instilling in them life values. The first lessons of caring for one’s neighbor, kindness, and responsibility we receive in the family. And only then we are able to take care of the world around us, about other members of society, about the homeland.

The symbol of Family Day, love and fidelity has become a daisy. On the day of its celebration weave wreaths of daisies, give bouquets of daisies and “fevronka” – cards with the image of daisies. My daisies are a congratulation on this wonderful bright holiday. Regardless of the history of this holiday in multinational, multi-confessional Russia, in particular in the Republic of Tatarstan, the institution of the family and this holiday are very kind.

Happy family, love and fidelity! Peace, kindness, prosperity, love and prosperity to you and your loved ones! May happy families be created and grow stronger in our Russia, children are born and filled with the light of the heart! And the world will come to its senses and follow our example!

Chukmarov Ildus Adgamovich