How and where to find and create love?

How and where to find and create love?

The beauty will save the world.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky


The phrase “Love will save the world” appeared in continuation of this idea. The only issue is that nobody knows what Love is and why it can save the world. What does it mean to save the world, to save a person from himself and the ones similar to him? “The story of a soldier” on the pages of this blog raised the questions: “How to find a second half?”, “How to find love and save the relationship in any situation and for many years?” Is love not to be found, but to be acquired and created?  How and where to acquire and create love? Does love mean care? Is love a space of social responsibility and partnership that we create around us? What are these spaces that surround body, mind, will, emotions and spirit?
The first intimate space is inner “I”, “Who I am”. It is an inner core of the personality, his super I”. It is a space of love and respect for himself, i.e. love for himself, the ability to love and to be loved. Sex grows out of this space transforming into erotic love in the second space, and it is just a part of the space of love.  Staying in love means work mainly on oneself. Physically, this space is not only within us, but also at arm’s length.

The second space is the space of love between sexes, family relationships, close people, guardians or those who are your family. This is the space of love for the closest people you live with or your relatives. It means mutual respect, care and understanding.  It is love between parents and children, maternal and fraternal love. It is love in the family between a man and a woman. This is the space of personal fulfilment.

The third space includes ethnos, traditions, customs, national identity and race. This space implies love for your nation, adherence to traditions and customs and your ancestors. It is the basis for understanding of belonging to your nation that peacefully coexists with other nations. Ethnicity unites people of common origin, customs, language, lifestyle and way of life (religion, art, aesthetics, ethnics, cuisine, housing, farming, ceremonies such as wedding ceremony, funerals etc.).

The forth space consists in neighborhood in the area you currently live. This is the space around our homes, an area that defines the comfort of our living and mobility. It is a space of peace, tolerance and love for others, participation and a component of collective security. Love for neighbors, not the close people, mutual help and support are the basis for peaceful coexistence of individual differences and diverse people.

The fifth space is the space of our friends, hobbies, entertainment and leisure. It is a space of love to do or create something beyond main work with those who share your interests and hobbies. This space brings people together into groups and communities by interests or gives a chance to escape from everyday affairs and concerns. Here are love for creativity, art and sport.


The sixths space is a space of professional, labor and financial relations. It includes your work and activity as a source of self-fulfillment and financial wellbeing, relationship with colleagues, your managers and subordinates and partners. If your profession coincides with your interests, then you are lucky because you earn your living by doing something you enjoy. If not, then you will have to love what you do. It consists in your love for your profession, your professional pride and career. This is the space of your professional self-fulfillment.

The sevenths space comprises society, virtual and social network. This involves love and good attitude to strangers in real and virtual social spheres. It is not limited to your place of residence or mobility.

The eights space is about politics, economy, law, religion, ethics of the state you were born and/or live or the state you visit. It is important to respect the laws and rules of any state; otherwise, you will not fit the external requirements, and it may have a negative impact on the quality of your life. This space involves love for your homeland or the country that has become your homeland. It means patriotism and implies respect for the differences of our countries and understanding the possibilities of peaceful coexistence for all of us in the same country and in the world. The independence of your state and its interests must be protected from both internal and external infringements. Everyone should know the history of his homeland. The sovereignty of you country is the main factor of the quality of your life in this state. Remember, what fascism, genocide, interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states, imposition of pseudo-democracy lead to. Theft, murder and violence are illegal in any state of law. It is important to remember it when being an expatriate or travelling to another country. The rules may differ there from the ones in your historical homeland. Besides, every citizen should participate in expression of the will of the people and should not remain uninvolved. It is unacceptable that others decide the destiny of your nation for you, or later you will have to defend your right to life with lethal force.

The ninth space consists in civilization you belong to and humankind in general. This is the space of true human values: humanness, love for the world you live in, acceptance of its diverse forms of existence and manifestation, except the ones that are contrary to human values. In such cases, one should stand against them and not tolerate, accept or remain indifferent.  Thus, human values have nothing to do with so called “democracy”, “tolerance” and “protection of human rights” due to the policy of certain countries. These countries the creators of democracy have long nothing similar to this very democracy and tolerance. They misrepresent true human values, deform mind and love.  

The tenth space is the space of our physical, social and spiritual environment, the climate, the Earth and the Universe. It is a material, spiritual and informational space that encurtain our life. For some it is the unknown laws of nature, for others it is something they believe in. For some, it is love for God or his love for us. For others, it is love for nature, its laws and curiosity. It is a space of devotion to this or that idea without fanaticism. Fanaticism is a disease that has nothing to do with love. Love in itself is a mystery for us in all its manifestations; love not for, but in spite of something. Love is not abstract, even animals and plants understand love: it is care, responsibility and partnership. Therefore, love is not something one finds, but something that one creates. This is the space we were born, we live and where we will return. It is wonderful when children appear and grow in love. Love is something we should all strive for. Staying in love in all the spaces leads to true satisfaction with life, determines the quality and the level of life and brings harmony with oneself and the surrounding world. Love helps to keep the balance between I can, I want, I must and I should. However, it is almost impossible to feel satisfied, stay in love and be happy all the time. This is a normal process of life. This is the space of your spiritual and ideological development, enlightenment, beliefs and worldviews.

All the spaces are interconnected, they interact, form and influence us, and we create some of the spaces in a lifetime. Together they define the space of knowledge that forms the quality of our lives.

Thus, love existing in all the spaces and defining life quality gives a phrase “love will save the world” a real meaning, and it ceases to be a fashionable and empty phrase. There is a lot of dark matter not only in the universe but inside us as well, and only love, care and responsibility give rise to the good to resist the evil.  Therefore, if each of us creates Love in each of these spaces, we will be able to stay in love. All of us should value the time given to us to stay in love, see true life values, create love inside us and in all spaces. When there is love inside and around us, in all spaces, then the world will be light and kind!

I wish you to find each other in love, live in unity and create Love.
Kind regards,
Ildus Adgamovich Chukmarov