“Live, give, love”

“Live, give, love”

Dear Friends, I am glad to welcome you!

Summer pleases us with its warmth, sun, pleasant breeze, and most importantly – wonderful flowers. One of the attributes of a Quality Man is the ability to give love and be loved. Contemplating the beauty of flowers, I decided to launch a flash mob “Live, Dari, Love.” I suggest you take a photo with your favorite flower, put it on your page on social networks (Facebook and Vkontakte) and mark it with hashtags #hq-dairy #Live #give #Wishful #Create #Love. In turn, I will assign you a flash mob membership number, and on September 1, I will draw five Quality Life Diaries using a random number generator and send it to the winners!

My relatives, friends and colleagues have already joined the action and started with their photos, which I share with great pleasure!

Give, Wish Good, Love, Live quality!

Sincerely, Ildus Adgamovich Chukmarov