Tool for improvement of personal effectiveness

Tool for improvement of personal effectiveness

Imagine you are a rough diamond and your predestination is to become a diamond. To achieve this one needs a good instrument and a crafty diamond-cutter. You are a rough diamond and a diamond-cutter at the same time. However, the surrounding world can help us turn into a diamond or turn us into an abrasive powder, and this is not always what we strive for. It is good if you were a rough diamond only suitable to be an abrasive powder initially and you can find useful application necessary for people. What if it is not?

Look around. Everything you see is created by mankind and is made by human hands, instruments or machines invented by a human being. So, do not believe those who say that you can solve all your problems, cope with tasks achieve your goals with the help of the power of thought and attraction or other unexplainable way just falling back on the help of the universe or selecting favorable reality. No one has managed to cut it this way yet. You may ask the people who popularize such practices to pull a rough diamond out of the earth interior or grow it on the table in front of you. Out of curiosity search in the internet the information on how diamonds are formed, how they are mined and how diamonds are made to get rid of such delusions once and for all.

Newton is said to have figured out a design of God, i.e. the law of universal gravitation, but it has nothing to do with your success. Jumping up you will find yourself on the ground again whether you are aware of the law or not. Of course, they will say that you did not ask the universe correctly to save you from the forces of gravity. But the truth is that the law simply does not work in the sphere of your personal achievements and does not influence your success or misfortune.

Solar and lunar cycles, seasons, weather and climate change, natural phenomena such as earthquake and tsunamis, tornadoes, magnetic storms and a variety of radiation certainly affect us as well as other living beings and inanimate objects on the Earth, and no one questions it. But if you wish to become a diamond, the Universe will not help you personally and you will not select the reality in which you are a diamond. You should understand that you are a rough diamond that needs a reliable instrument and neat cutting. This is the only way you become a diamond. However, a rough diamond turns into black-chalk, and black chalk turns into a diamond only under certain condition, i.e. high temperature, pressure and optimal time of their action. To some extent it shows us that there is nothing impossible in life, if we have necessary energy that could lead us to such changes. There is one issue though: the energy of nature is external, not internal, which means that just as a rough diamond cannot turn itself into a diamond, a human being has a chance to facet himself but also has objective limitation for it. So, first of all, every person has to understand who he is, his potential and find use for himself in accordance with this knowledge, that will require much less energy and other resources.

For instance, if you are a carbon, and at birth the atoms in your lattice form black-chalk, and not a diamond, then it is not worth dreaming of becoming a diamond. Only understanding that you are black-chalk, you may become someone meaningful for yourself and your environment. For example, black-chalk may become a core of a pencil, and a great picture may be written by it, or it may become a very important element of a modern nuclear power station, neutron moderator in a nuclear reactor, or an electrode, a brush of an electric drill, i.e. something absolutely necessary in life. Black-chalk, just as a diamond, has many applications that make human life better, not to mention carbon it consists of. Modifications of this chemical element in composition of various minerals show the nature of our unity and unique character, which are important when forming successful personal and professional path. The quality of life depends on us and our social and physical environment.

To start your path to quality life and learn to manage it you need to define the most important things for you, what you love and value, what you strive for and what you mean by the quality of life. It is vital for a person to free himself from vice and phobias, to be able to get on the path of systematic improvement of you personal qualities, get on the path of self-improvement, creation and successful personal fulfillment (see more in the chapter “Life as a project”). However, one should not get stuck on the idea of self-development and turn it into a goal in itself and one more problem in your life.

We all live life for the first and the only time, and nobody is perfect. The question is how to determine what we need, who we need and what for precisely and quickly. How not to get drowned and dissolve in the sea of information and junk information? What goals do I set and how? What if I am mistaken? These questions require answers. First of all, we ought to learn to ask these questions to ourselves. A human being is able to learn everything mankind knows if he searches the answers and is constantly in the process of learning to live.

“The Diary of High Quality Life” has been created to let any person solve his vital issues, work on himself, improve and manage the quality of life. Anyone is able to understand what one needs to achieve success in any sphere of life, i.e. personal and family relationships, work, social life etc., regardless of gender, age, religion, political and social views, race, nationality and income (see more in “Spheres of Life Quality”). Using the diary you will let you improve the culture of quality, prevent the occurrence of undesirable events or minimize their consequences, learn from your own mistakes and that of others, use positive experience for your own benefit. (See more “Culture of Life Quality” and “Life Quality Management”). You will get a unique tool for work on yourself that enables you to create your personal guidance for life quality and lets you achieve your goals!

Thereafter, your pathway from Homo sapiens to Homo qualitativus starts. Spin the pedals, keep the balance of the “quality bicycle”, enjoy your life, love and be loved, create a successful trajectory of your personal and professional life.