REVIEW: “The Diary of High Quality Life”

REVIEW: “The Diary of High Quality Life”

How many diaries containing a detailed manual have you seen? You will have to gain insight into how it works. It is not a simple notebook that will replace a personal coach in anything.

There are a number of techniques and tools, applications and methods. To choose one of them or create your own one you will have to spend several months trying various approaches and analyzing them. To be honest various methods of time and task management require too much effort. Maintaining the system takes more time than time saved from its introduction.

What is the result? The result is that you miss one task, and then you miss the second one, get lost and drop the idea.

The diary of High Quality Life provides a solution: almost everything has been planned and done for you. The book (I do not have the heart to call it a notebook) considers all proven methods of time management and goal setting, helps to organize priorities and not to slow down on the way to your achievements.

The introduction provides a detailed description on how to use the diary, but also, you might have to consult other resources to find out what SWOT-analysis is (especially if you have never heard about it before)

The authors suggest that you carry out a detailed analysis of your life and assess the level of satisfaction. Once a detailed analysis is made the awaiting goals become clear. The diary also explains how to formulate them.

Setting SMART goals is accompanied by visualization pages. If you remember you should visualize your goal to motivate yourself better. Visualization is a device that helps to understand clearer what you want and how strong your wish is.

Once you have set your goals the diary helps to figure out all the steps. At the beginning of each week you set goals for the following several days according to the method of 20/80.Then you plan each day as you are used to and review the results on the corresponding lines of the diary daily.

Even if you are too tired to draw conclusions you can check and mark the day. Later these notes will be useful for the analysis of what you have and have not achieved.

The task is not just to manage to do everything, but also to be satisfied with the results. The authors’ idea is to help to bring up a high quality person in oneself who will live an interesting and dignified life, no matter how snobbish it may sound.

However, this diary is not a fairy wand. Do you wish to start a new, wonderful and high quality life on Monday? Even the purchase of the best planner will not help.

But if you are already applying the basic methods of time-management and goal setting, the diary simplifies the task for you. At least there is no need to line notebooks.

Click the link below to find out what the authors imply by high quality life and to buy the diary. Have a look and decide whether you need a new life, which you will control with the help of proven rules.

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