The first English-language edition of the “Diary of high quality life”

The first English-language edition of the “Diary of high quality life”

Dear friends!

I am glad to inform you about the release of the first English-language “Diary of high quality life”!

The Diary came out in a soft, flexible, durable Paleolithic cover with an orange backing.

The knowledge contained in the “Diary of a Quality Life” can change life in the present and project the future. “The Doctrine of a Homo Qualitativus” has no religious, political or national connotations, it is understandable to any person, and bears Good and Peace for the whole planet. And now this knowledge available to more people from different parts of the world!

“Diary of high quality life” is a real workbook of your life, it is a tool for creating a successful personal and professional trajectory. It contains the most effective methods and techniques that will become your assistants on the way to a high quality life! You will learn to “live now, remember the past and plan the future.”

Just imagine, now your project called “life” will be before your eyes! Your “Global” goals, plans for the near future and weekly plan will be stored in the Diary, and each week you have numbered is a step towards the very goal that brings you closer to the desired future.

Make a unique gift to yourself and your loved ones! My team and I will be pleased to send your own “Diary of high quality life” to anywhere in the world. I hope that a bright teaching about a Homo Qualitativus will make your life and the life of your loved ones better!

Best wishes,

Ildus Adgamovich Chukmarov