I am glad to greet the owners of “The Diary of High Quality Life”
Congratulations on acquisition of the excellent instrument for self-improvement! Use the diary correctly, master its use and achieve your goals.

You have bought not a simple notebook, but a proper instrument. Reading the diary one might think that he knows all this and that he is happy with his life and nothing needs changes. For others assessment of their life makes them feel sad and think that they are losers. Also, there are those who are still thinking “What shall I do with this intricate diary?” Then the right question is what to do with your life to make it better.

Advising you to use the diary I refer you to the answer on the question about how to improve the quality of your life, make it better and more successful. No one promises you that it will be easy to create guidance to high quality life out of the diary, manage the changes and achieve the set goals.

Be honest with yourself, we all have the areas of life that need improvements irrespective of our position and achievements. Any situation you are in now is a starting point for creation of your future. Spin the pedals of the quality bicycle and keep the balance among all spheres of your life!

Please, read carefully 6 chapters of the websites about the “The Diary of High Quality Life”, turn back and thumb through the pages of the diary. Think, plan and take control of the project called “LIFE”. Create yourself and your high quality future! Everything created by a human being is created by his work on himself.

P.S. Some of you have written to us enthusiastically that they found what they had been looking for, i.e. an instrument for management of changes in their lives for the better. Some of you come for a chat and an autograph. They reread the chapters of the website and are already building their high quality life!

I am sincerely happy for you! I am looking forward to your feedback, comments and ideas for improvement. I am ready to answer your questions.

Wish you good health, well-being and prosperity!
Ildus Adgamovich Chukmarov