Spring. Is it time to find your second half and love? How to get married or the theory of grains.

Spring. Is it time to find your second half and love? How to get married or the theory of grains.

The human halves are grains of sand in this vast space of the universe ruled by the law of universal gravitation, discovered by Isaac Newton. A law states that any two masses attract each other with a force equal to a constant (constant of gravitation) multiplied by the product of the two masses and divided by the square of the distance between them. The grains of sand, the halves, attract to each other thanks to sympathy; and the closer they become, the quicker love appears. Dear friends, one does not find love, but creates it. The first necessary condition for the meeting and mutual attraction is that the grains of sand should be as close to each other as possible either by the game of luck or conscious search of each other. The good thing is that we do not need to wander the whole universe in search of our halves. The search circle is limited to the Earth. Life is short, there are over 7 billion people on the planet, and you need just one of them. Another good news is that the number of people who look for their half and who need it at this moment is even less.

Shall we look for a needle in a haystack? Yes, of course, and let us be lucky!

For example, what should a young woman do when it is time to get married, so that it turns out well, and she becomes a happy wife and at the same time beloved woman, then a mother, a grandmother, and yet is not lonely?

We want magnetism, spark and magic! We want love at first sight and forever! This is such a subtle issue and, of course, it does not have an absolute answer. It is like a forward and inverse geophysical problem. With regard to this issue, it means that we can describe how a person found his half in fact but it appears to be quite difficult to give you specific recommendations on your search of your second half. It is important to know love stories of others, difficult to repeat them and unnecessary, but worth considering. However, to give an instrument that will help you to find your second half or increase its probability is quite possible. It will be up to you to create love, find a husband, unless you expect someone does it for you. It is desirable that everything turns out well the first time, if it does not, then you have to start all over again and take the right steps towards your female happiness. Never give up, go forward without complaining and settle your love life.

Let us look at this question in a very simplified scheme, so that we move from the simple to the complex.

The first step on the road to marriage. Firstly, you have to understand who you can create a family with and whom you can marry. With whom would you like or could live long and happy life and die in one day? Theoretically, if there is sympathy, you feel comfortable with the person, you feel no distaste for a him and if he is not an alcoholic or a drug addict and does not lead promiscuous sexual life, but is a kind person who is active and understands human values, then you can create wonderful relationship with anyone who satisfies these conditions. Health, disabilities, our individual differences are not in this short list. When we see a soul mate, his personality rather than the form, these factors do not become obstacles and are not determinative for marriage. For instance, a very beautiful woman Kanae Miyahara is married Nicholas James Vujicic, has given birth to two healthy children and is very happy. The story of Nicholas James Vujicic and the way he implements his project of high quality and dignified life in spite of, not thank to with the help of his parents and other loved ones is a special topic we come back to in the following articles. This is a very vivid example of love, care, real social partnership and responsibility in all spaces that determine the quality of human life. There are simpler and, at the same time, tougher examples, when Love does not consist of only flowers, words, titters of amusement in favorable conditions, but implies, above all, care and devotion to each other and the people around us in difficult life situations.

Let us slightly expand the list of requirements for a pair of grains that allows the majority of people create a successful family. They are belonging to the same ethnicity, religion, the same level of education, common interests, hobbies, profession, wellbeing and nationality. In addition, emotional and physical compatibility matters: beliefs, world outlook, constitution, height and weight. Obviously, every woman wishes her man to be able to take care of her and their children. Therefore, a man is to be healthy and able to earn his living (sometimes, this ability replaces all other qualities, and in other cases, it does not matter at all). All these conditions are not obligatory, but contribute to successful marriage and unite people. Often people give examples of attraction of the opposites. People say that similar charges or the same magnet poles repel. Dear women, these facts have nothing to do with your choice. You had better look for something that would unite you. The same grains of sand tend to attract each other rather than repel. It is useful to visualize your future husband and form an image of your future together. This will allow you to concentrate and not pass by your grain. However, there is no point in hoping for the universe or wait for the world to beat a path to your door, you should act. Heaven helps those who help themselves. Put your trust in God, but keep your powder dry.

Sympathy and relationship have the property to grow into love. Love is born based on mutual care, social partnership and responsibility for each other. We teach and learn from each other to live together.

Intuition plays a significant role, it is important to feel that this person is the one you would like to live your life with.

The circle of candidates for husbands or the ones any woman could marry has narrowed.

The next question is how and where do we find our grain, how not to pass it by and how to reach the goal to get married.

The second step. According to the set smart goal, i.e. to get married and determine who you could marry in the first place, you should assess your inner strengths and weaknesses, external opportunities and risks to achieve your goal. Are you looking for a prince on a white horse? Well, that is fine, but who is the prince looking for? And, what alternatives do you and the prince have?

The third step. You should develop your strengths that allow you to get married and minimize your weaknesses that interfere your marriage. For example, you are in a good physical form, you are attractive, you have good education, you are a professional and you are confident in yourself, so, continue to develop and keep your shape. Alternatively, the situation is just the opposite, i.e. you are overweight, you suffer defects beyond your will, you have no education, no job or you suffer inferiority complex. Try to assess yourself objectively. If it is difficult for you, then ask those who you trust more than yourself. Ask your parents, the people who deserve your trust, just remain vigilant. On no condition lose heart or get upset. This is the start of your path, even if you have had serious health issues, traumas that caused irreversible consequences. One should minimize unwanted consequences, try to improve her position, do sports to lose weight, read and act, get an education, look for a job, try to look well, and mainly, be a pure soul and a kind person. Your second half does exist. Outer space, in which you may find support and conditions favorable for your marriage, forms opportunities around you. For example, work in the area where there are lots of people around, visit or live in the areas full of potential candidates satisfying the mentioned above requirements – all these factors increase the probability of meeting your second half. On the contrary, your threats are the areas where you have no chance to meet your grain just because they do not reside there. Threats may also relate to decline in your health, if you stay in difficult environments for too long.

In fact, this is your life SWOT-analysis with reference to the goal to get married. Your decision who you marry at crucial decision-making point will determine your personal and even professional life.

Having assessed the situation you should plan you day, week, month, quarter, year or your best time for marriage. Favorable time for marriage, i.e. the period of time when the opportunity to get married is high, has certain boundaries.

What does it mean to plan marriage? Is it possible? Simply plan to look well (this does not necessarily imply expensive clothing or cosmetics) and visit places where you may meet potential candidates. Such places must be safe. For example, lessons in a school of Latin American dance are safer than night clubs, fitness center is safer than visiting a football match. One may meet her grain anywhere and at any time, therefore, you should always be kind, bright, friendly and cheerful. It is important to demonstrate the features of Homo qualitativo and see these features in your future husband. Young ladies should also be active (it does not mean to be obtrusive) and, mainly, observant, able to assess a situation, try to “read” a person, not only see his appearance, but his inner world, his soul, intentions, and feel rather than figure out that he is your person.

Acting naturally and elegantly in everyday life is important; mind your behavior, speech and walk. Any young woman may be incredibly attractive if she wants to. You should apply cosmetics skillfully, do manicure, choose perfume, clothes and shoes, find your individual style adequate to any situation, point out your nonverbal advantages and be able to manage you shortcomings. One must understand where and who with it is safe to be, distinguish the situations in which you should either attract attention or remain unnoticed, respect the law, moral norms, principles and laws as well as strictly follow your personal safety rules and protect yourself from unwanted events and consequences.

A young lady should take care of her safety when communicating online and meeting with the people from virtual space. One must distinguish bad boys and never tolerate aggression, rudeness or violence. Do not stay alone with suspicious people, get into a car with a company of tipsy guys or go on a picnic with little known people. It is necessary to make decisions and say “stop” to yourself and the people around you. Never deal with cruel people or those boys who do not keep their words, who are unreliable, infinitely stingy, and jealous. Attraction and blind love have their limits; never lose control over yourself. The core of your personality should always be with you. Read all the pages of this website, and you understand what I am about. Love should live in all spaces that determine the quality of your life.

Act, successful marriage play an important role in the quality of your life. To find a second half is a great luck. I wish to open you a little secret, geological rock grind as grains between millstones and turn into sand grains in coastal zones of water reservoirs. Similarly, different people adapt themselves to each other when communicating or after marriage. However, there are situations when people meet, a sparkle appears between them, they fall in love with each other, get married and then break up. Life is more complicated and to get married once and for all is not easy, but quite possible!

I wish you create a family, have children and grandchildren and see your great-grandchildren! Love, happiness and luck!

Kind regards,
Ildus Adgamovich Chukmarov