What is a life goal?

What is a life goal?

When opening a diary the question arises: what is a life goal? This is an uneasy question for each of us. To answer this question means to understand the meaning of one’s existence, life and creation and determine one’s vision (who do you see yourself in the future) and mission (understand your destiny).

To give an answer to this question we need to define our values and long term objectives regarding each space determining life quality. To answer the question it is necessary to reflect on what the quality of life specifically for you is.

In fact, the question refers to what we want most, what we strive for, how we see ourselves and who we want to be. Dreaming and creation of the image of oneself in the future is useful for defining the main life goal, formation of the general line of life and one’s inner core.

Visualization of wishes and the main life goal help to concentrate and form a cascade (a tree) of goals for the periods of life, for the current year, the quarter, the month, the week and for today. Reaching little goals of the day, the week, the month, the quarter and the year we move towards our life goal. The goals are formed based on the analysis of internal strong and weak points and surrounding opportunities and risks. Achievement of goals is a result that brings satisfaction and inspiration for new success.

We may adjust (change) goals considering internal and external changes, i.e. the changes inside and around us as they are our goals and depend on various factors and circumstances. However, revision of goals must not be an instrument for self-pity; persistence and will are necessary for reaching goals. Once certain aims are achieved, new targets should be set; it is a continuous process. At the same time we ought to remember what’s the most important and desired for us and take into account different priorities at different stages of life.

The diary of high quality life is a tool for serious work on oneself. The diary as such does not guarantee improvements in your life. Even defining the goals, the tasks and the purpose of your life and fixing them in the diary do not guarantee that everything works out the expected scenario that is why some people put the diary back on the shelf as useless. Efforts should be made. Working with the diary implies working hard on the achievement of your goals, rather than hoping and praying to the universe. The secret of your success is in your understanding where you are going and what for, setting smart goals and taking actions to reach them.

The diary of high quality life is your tool for searching the answer on the question about your life goal, formation and implementation of the image of your desired future. If tools are not used, then they are of little use. One has to create or acquire the tools, learn to master and improve them to achieve your life goals and create life. Good luck to you in this important work!