It is important to remember not only the past, but also the future?!

“If you do not think about the future, you will not have it,” writes John Galsworthy.
“If you do not create your future in the present, you will not have the desired future,” thinks Ildus Chukmarov.
John Galsworthy is an English writer and playwright, author of the famous cycle “The Forsyte Saga“, a Nobel Prize winner in literature for “the high art of narrative, the apex of which is the Forsyte Saga.”
Considering the life of the family in the time perspective, as in «The Forsyte Saga», «The Quiet Don» by Mikhail Sholokhov, «War and Peace» by Lev Tolstoy or “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell, shows which events in the future are led by what we are doing in the present. This is the experience of the family as a whole, which we must take into account for our own lives and prevent the occurrence of undesirable events. Only a sensible and far-sighted person learns in other people’s mistakes, because neglecting the experience of his predecessors is a manifestation of ignorance, and therefore sooner or later lead to irreversible consequences. John Galsworthy gave his characters a metaphorical surname “Forsyte”, consonant with the term “Foresight”. At the moment, this word is understood as a technology for creating the desired image of the future, identifying options for the development of events and strategies for achieving the desired future.
Foresight basic principles:
– The future depends on the efforts made, it can be seen. So do not believe in those who offer you everything at once, without any effort;
– The future can have many options, it does not stem from the past, but is created in the present;
– It is possible to make forecasts, however, in the whole the future cannot be represented reliably, it is possible to prepare or prepare the future in the way we want it to be.
Foresight is necessary for the implementation of preventive actions, when analyzing certain variants of the development of events and for preventing undesirable consequences of our decisions or our choice in the present.
Another genius of the 19th century, the creator of famous Alice, Lewis Carroll, created the idea of responsibility not only for the past, but also for the future. Thus, in the conversation of the White Queen and Alice, the theme of the memory of the future is touched upon:
-One thing is good,- the Queen continued. – Do you remember both the past and the future!
-My memory is not like that, – said Alice. I cannot remember what has not happened yet.
-So, you have a bad memory, – said the Queen.
It is important to remember not only the past, but also the future! A good helper in this matter and a foresight tool is your quality life diary, if you seriously use it and act proactively. Proactively means to anticipate and take preventive actions to be prepared for the upcoming changes. Preventive actions begin with the question: “What should I do if the events develop not according to my scenario?”. Friends, remembering the future, thinking about the future, creating the future – is absolutely necessary to ensure the quality of our lives. And what do you think?  

Kind regards,
Ildus Adgamovich Chukmarov


Spring. Is it time to find your second half and love? How to get married or the theory of grains.

The human halves are grains of sand in this vast space of the universe ruled by the law of universal gravitation, discovered by Isaac Newton. A law states that any two masses attract each other with a force equal to a constant (constant of gravitation) multiplied by the product of the two masses and divided by the square of the distance between them. The grains of sand, the halves, attract to each other thanks to sympathy; and the closer they become, the quicker love appears. Dear friends, one does not find love, but creates it. The first necessary condition for the meeting and mutual attraction is that the grains of sand should be as close to each other as possible either by the game of luck or conscious search of each other. The good thing is that we do not need to wander the whole universe in search of our halves. The search circle is limited to the Earth. Life is short, there are over 7 billion people on the planet, and you need just one of them. Another good news is that the number of people who look for their half and who need it at this moment is even less. (more…)


On the way from “I” to “We”

This article is addressed to young ladies who start to ask the questions: “Why am I single? Where is my second half and when will I finally create a family?” In other words, this article is for those, who understand that the favorable time to create a family is approaching and are mentally ready for it. Consequently, you have already had experience regarding opposite sex by this time, and if you continue reading, then your experience has not yet moved to the stage “they lived happily ever after”.

Now let’s work out a plan of action for your happy future.

Firstly, one should answer the question: “Who am I?”


Who am I? What am I like? My character, hobbies, goals. Does my work bring me satisfaction? What is my desirable income? Are there any perspectives for me? What do I like and dislike eating, reading and watching? What places do I like to visit? My body, my health and my habits.

It is time to analyze yourself. It is time to hear and listen to yourself, discover your inner world, take care and love. It is time to think positively and irradiate goodness. Of course, we all have bad days sometimes. In such cases, I suggest you stem protective barriers and, if possible, keep your chin up, live through this moment and move on.

Therefore, self-acceptance, love and care for yourself does not mean being selfish at all.

Secondly, you should form the basis of your preferences and analyze your experience.

One should answer the following questions: “What psychological type is the right one for me? What kind of character?” It is quite difficult as we reveal ourselves with various people in different ways.  Certain people attract us by their strength of mind, determination; others are attractive for their calmness, care, stability, equability of mind and sense of humor.

It is important to determine the qualities and other aspects that are “must have” or desirable and those ones you could close your eyes on, as nobody is perfect. One can do it by reading books on psychology and analyzing your personal experience.  Gather deeds, events, moments and emotions into an integral image of a person by finding the golden mean.

The first and the second steps constitute preparatory work and are mostly theoretical.  The third step is practice and actions. It is a lot easier to move on and define whether it is your cup of tea or not when you see your goal, i.e. you know what you want.

Thirdly, now, when you know what you want and what you can give in return, just work on it, strange though it might sound). Work on yourself. Do what inspires you and brings you joy. Discover the world and the world will discover you.  New hobbies and places give new opportunities, meetings and acquaintances.  Be open to communication and attentive to what is going on around you (the people who surround you and their attitude to you), listen to your inner sense, intuition and your mind.

Be a happy and harmonious person, and then your destiny will notice you sooner.

And love? What is love? Does love at first sight exist? Possibly, someone might be lucky enough and thus come to the goal of creating a family.

In my opinion, it grows gradually starting with sincere friendship and interest, then you become a couple, fall in love with each other and date with the purpose to create a family in the future… Wedding and a wedding dress…

Needless to say, every young lady has her own way to happiness and love, and these are just the first steps.


How and where to find and create love?

The beauty will save the world.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky


The phrase “Love will save the world” appeared in continuation of this idea. The only issue is that nobody knows what Love is and why it can save the world. What does it mean to save the world, to save a person from himself and the ones similar to him? “The story of a soldier” on the pages of this blog raised the questions: “How to find a second half?”, “How to find love and save the relationship in any situation and for many years?” Is love not to be found, but to be acquired and created?  How and where to acquire and create love? Does love mean care? Is love a space of social responsibility and partnership that we create around us? What are these spaces that surround body, mind, will, emotions and spirit? (more…)


The story of a Deer

In the evening children made a Deer of wire. Here there were legs, tail, back, head and horns. Children decided to fill the Deer with light and built a string of lights in it. They turned the light on and the Deer as if came alive and nodded his head. (more…)


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How to choose a profession?

Profession is one of the spheres that definelife quality. Profession is your occupation that brings you enjoyment, satisfaction and earns your living. It is a good option when your favorite occupation is your work and you earn your living by doing what you like. If it is not so, then as the saying goes, you will have to love what you do. Whether it is good or bad is a controversial topic. However, career choice and the sphere of your future occupation determine your mission, i.e. your destination and your vision of who you want to become in the future. They are the basis for setting your SMART goals. This choice defines what you want to achieve and leave behind. Career choice is an uneasy task and we all have to solve it during lifetime and find ourselves in various occupations. Constant changes in us and the world around demand new competences for labor activity. Sometimes it happens involuntarily, for example, as a result of traumas. Scientific-and-technological advance changes technological wave and many professions are doomed to become outdated in the near future. So, we need a reliable tool for career choice and development of new professional competences. (more…)


Kaizen or useful and vicious habits, the rule of 100%, the principle of one minute, twenty minutes, an hour…

Every now and then each of us sets a goal to become someone, reach, achieve and do something. We start eagerly wishing everything right now and start a new life on Monday for the hundredth time and then rapidly slack off. Again, our dreams do not come true and we do not reach what we strive for. So we live following the endless circle instead of gyrating up towards new achievements as some of us. (more…)


Just the Beginning

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